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Welcome Professor Günter Haufe to Visit Our Group!

     On October 17, 2016, Prof. Günter Haufe from the University of Münster, Germany, gave a lecture on the topic of "Selective Fluorination - A Key for Selective Synthesis of Medicinally Relevant Compounds" to the faculty and students of SIOC. He mainly reported studies on the synthesis and biological activity of fluorinated aspartic proteinase inhibitor and fluorinated monoamine oxidase inhibitor, and gave a brief introduction on the use of F-18 labeling for mechanism research with PET imagining.

     Prof. Haufe is an internationally recognized organofluorine chemist, and he was elected as Member of the “European Academy of Sciences" in 2015. His research interests include organic fluorine chemistry, application of enzymes in organic synthesis, and total synthesis of natural products. He currently serves as Member of the Executive Board and Project Leader of“Cells-in-Motion” Cluster of Excellence at University of Münster. He is also one of the Editors of the internation journal, Journal of Fluorine Chemistry.

     As Invited Visiting Professor, Prof. Haufe will stay at SIOC for one month, and cooperate with Professor Jinbo Hu on organofluorine chemistry research.


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