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Congratulations to Pan Xiao, on having published an Org. Lett. paper!

Radical (Phenylsulfonyl)difluoromethylation of Isocyanides with PhSO2CF2H under Transition-Metal-Free Conditions 
Xiao, Pan; Rong, Jian; Ni, Chuanfa; Guo, Junkai; Li, Xinjin; Chen, Dingben; Hu, Jinbo*
Organic Letters, 2016, 18, 5912–5915.



       An atom-economical method for radical (phenylsulfonyl)difluoromethylation of isocyanides with PhSO2CF2H under transition-metal-free conditions has been developed. A PhSO2CF2 radical is generated through the oxidation of PhSO2CF2 after the deprotonation of PhSO2CF2H in one pot. The reaction exhibits excellent functional-group tolerance and the resulting products can be further modified with the removal of a PhSO2 group to give other CF2-containing compounds.

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